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Fling's mission is to guide the world's transition to smart and efficient business. Our intelligent solutions for digital transformation employ state-of-the-art drone and AI technology to enhance the efficiency of business processes and improve people’s security and convenience. To start your organization's digital transformation, reach out.

Our Story

Fling is a venture-backed software and services company headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, with a distributed development team in Europe and North America. Fling has built software for some of the largest companies and state enterprises in Southeast Asia. Fling's drones have flown thousands of kilometres supporting inspection and delivery missions. In 2019, we received the first government permission to carry packages on drones in Thailand.

Trusted for Drone Specialization

We make use of advanced drone technology with IoT sensors and AI to enhance business process development.

Trusted for Data Security

Our client's data privacy is our utmost concern. We secure their confidential information under a strict NDA.

Trusted for AI Expertise

Our consulting team is a group of business and software developers with a wealth of expertise in various fields.

Products and Services

The Fling-AI data platform supports enterprise drone fleets by empowering workers to automatically fly drones indoors and outdoors, and manage the collection, uploading, and consolidation of terabytes of data. On the Fling-AI portal, all workers and managers can access real-time AI-powered insights about their infrastructure. Applications include transmission towers, oil platforms, and warehouses.

Furthermore, with our strong assets, Fling can work together with educational institutes to unleash inventive intelligent solutions that serve digital transformation to society.

Line Inspection Service

Empowering smart powerline inspection for higher efficiency and security

Digital Transformation

Empowering smart processes for a fast, efficient and insightful business

Increase the efficiency of your business processes



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