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Fling's mission is to guide the world's transition to smart and efficient business. Our intelligent solutions for digital transformation employ state-of-the-art drone and AI technology to enhance the efficiency of business processes and improve people’s security and convenience. Find out more how Fling can help your firm's digital transformation by reaching out.

Our story

Fling started in 2018 with a bold vision to introduce drone and AI technology to bridge the gap in efficiency between businesses in Southeast Asia compared with Europe and North America. Since then, Fling has consulted for and conducted drone and AI services projects around the world, including with many of the largest companies in Thailand.

Fling is headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, with a distributed development team in Europe and North America. Fling has built software for some of the largest companies and state enterprises in Southeast Asia, and Fling's drones have flown thousands of kilometres supporting inspection and delivery missions. In 2019, we received the first government permission to carry packages on drones in Thailand.

Pioneers in drone logistics

Fling is the first company in Thailand granted permission by the government to carry packages on drones. We push the boundaries of what is possible, for the benefit of the people of Southeast Asia.
Get it fast. Fling it.

Leaders in machine learning

The vast troves of data produced by our clients can be analyzed to produce actionable insights that improve our clients' financial outcomes.
Fling has the AI expertise to automate your data analysis.

Experts in drone autonomy

Our drone app works with most standard drone platforms, enabling autonomous navigation in structured industrial indoor and outdoor environments.
Invest in futuristic, safe, consistent, automated processes.

Our products and services

Fling's flagship enterprise drone digital insights platform is Fling-AI. This platform is aimed at the electrical transmission and warehousing industries.

Using Fling-AI, drones fly autonomously in both indoor and outdoor settings, standardizing inspection workflows and increasing worker safety and productivity. Data collected from drones and sensors are uploaded automatically where it can be accessed by other employees or admins.

The Fling-AI data platform supports enterprise drone fleets by empowering workers to manage the collection, uploading, and consolidation of terabytes of data. On the Fling-AI portal, all workers and managers can access real-time AI-powered insights about their infrastructure.

GridFalcon Tower Inspection

Reduce line losses on your transmission towers with an effective enterprise data solution for tower inspection.

Digital Transformation

Our team of AI and drone experts can adapt our predictive maintenance platform to your needs.

Increase the efficiency of your business processes


Working at Fling is your opportunity to change the world.

We are fun, passionate, and energetic. We are curious, but focused. Everyone's opinion matters, and everyone, from the newest team member to the CEO, has an opportunity to impact our business.

Fling is seeking full-time AI, drone, and full-stack software developers - both Bangkok-based and remote.

Each year more than 30 high-potential interns join our teams around the world, adding experience to their CVs and acquiring the technical and soft skills necessary for today's hybrid online/offline working environment.

Check out Fling Internship Programs below.

Fling Startup Business Administration Internship Program

Fling Digital Marketing for Tech Business Internship Program

Fling Full-Stack / AI Software Development Internship Program

Fling Drone Engineering Internship Program